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    If you are a DIY home improvement enthusiast, this how-toBOOK is a valuable resource. It is a step-by-step hands-on guide to a process an architect — just like you — embarks on when facing a blank sheet of paper.

  1. Erica Clark
    5 out of 5
    Erica Clark May 31, 2015 - 11:39 AM

    Alla Kazovsky is an extraordinary architecture practitioner and an equally extraordinary mind. Her keen sense of design and beauty is complemented by a marvelous practicality and attention to realistic solutions for the challenges (or opportunities) at hand. Everything that she does – from the design of a simple chair to the creation of a garden-as-outdoor-room — brings clarity, order, and freshness to the otherwise ordinary. In her own homes, for example, she has utterly transformed formerly drab houses into beautiful, light-filled havens that offer contemporary lack of clutter without sacrificing warmth. She is especially admired as a teacher at the prestigious Art Center College of Design, where she has worked with children and adults alike. Her new book, DIY LIKE AN ARCHITECT, brings together the best of her clear approach to design – and the many rich influences that have shaped her practice. This is a wonderful guide, even for those of us who may not become architects!

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